How do you see the freedom of the press in Qatar?

In light of the evolution underway in the state of Qatar, priority has been given to promotion and consolidation of state of law, rights, freedoms and institutions; In this regard, the NHRC was established in accordance with Decree Law No. (38) for the year 2002.

The NHRC was re-organized in accordance with Decree law no. (17) for the year 2010, thereby consolidating NHRC independence as a permanent official body headquartered in the city of Doha with a separate legal personality and an independent budget; this Decree also specified the objectives and mandates of the NHRC .

At the international level, the NHRC was accredited A status by the International Coordinating Committee of National Human Rights Institutions for the Protection and Promotion of Human Rights (ICC) which is a representative body of national human rights institutions drawn from all regions of the world; the NHRC is also a member in the Sub-Committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the International Coordinating Committee (ICC) which is responsible for the  accreditation and classification of national Committees all over the world. The NHRC is entitled to participate in the ICC and in its regional sub-group, the Asia Pacific Forum as of March 2012 for a period of 3 years.

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