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Decree law No. (38) of 2002 on the setting up of the National Human Rights Committee
We, Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the state of Qatar upon reviewing the amended provisional governing system, particularly articles (23), (27) and (28), and the draft law submitted by the cabinet, issue the following law:

Article (1)
A permanent committee called “National Human Rights Committee” is to be set up with its headquarters in Doha. The committee will be a legal entity and an indignant budget.
Article (2)
The committee aims at protection of human rights and freedoms, practicing the following jurisdictions”
1-    Endeavors to  achive the objectives embodied in international conventions and treaties on human rights which Qatar is party to.
2-    Advises concerned bodies in the state on matters related to human rights and freedoms.
3-    Investigates violations of human rights and freedoms if any, and suggest suitable means to deal with such violations and avoid their occurrence.
4-    Monitor records and reports by international organizations and NGOs on Human rights situation in the state, and coordinates with concerned bodies to address them.
5-    Takes part in the preparation of reports submitted by the state on human rights and freedoms.
6-    Cooperates with international and regional organizations concerned with human rights and freedoms.
7-      Raises awareness and enriches education on human rights and freedoms.
Article (3)
The committee is to be formed of at least five members representing the civil society to be selected from among human rights activists, and a representatives of the following bodies:
–    Ministry of foreign affairs  .
–    Ministry of interior
–    Ministry of civil service affairs and housing
–    Ministry of justice
–    Ministry of public health
–    Ministry of Wakfs and Islamic Affairs
–    The supreme council for family affairs
Each of these bodies has to nominate its representative to the committee has to be issued
Article (4)
Term of membership of the committee is three years, renewable for one or more terms.
Article (5)
The committee is to select a chairperson and a vice chairperson replace from among its members. The vice chairperson replaces the chairperson in case of his absence or vacancy of his position. The committee is to appoint its rapporteur.
Article (6)
On the being summoned by its chairperson, the committee meets once monthly, and whenever necessary. Its meeting would be valid when attended by the majority of its members. The committee issues its recommendations by the majority of votes are equal, the party joining the chairperson will be preponderant the committee is to submit every months, along with its suggestions.
Article (7)
The committee may invite to its meetings whoever concerned if it is necessary to have experts and others to seek their advice or opinion and to participate in decisions, without having the rights of voting .
Article (8)
The committee may form sub-committees or task forces to study any of the subjects related to its jurisdictions from among its members or other experts and persons concerned.
Article (9)
The committee should have a general secretariat composed of a secretary general and adequate number of employee whose appointment, specializations and rewards are to be decided by the committee’s chairperson, in accordance with the terms of the executive by-laws of this law.
Article (10)
Resources of the committee are subsidies, donations, grants, gifts and wills according to the terms of the executive by-laws of this law.
Article (11)
Ministers, governmental bodies, institutions and public corporate shall cooperate with the committee and provide it with information and data necessary to perform its mission.
Article (12)
The committee should formulate the executive by-law of this law, and it will be issued by a cabinet decision.
Article (13)
All the component authorities ought to undertake, each in its own scope, the execution of the cited law, which shall be effective from the date of its publication in the official Gazette.
Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani, Emir of the State of Qatar.
Issued at the Emiri Diwan on 6/9/1424 AH
Corresponding to 11/11/2002 AD

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